carpet care tips

ALWAYS get carpet protector re-applied when you have your carpet cleaned!

After your carpet is cleaned…

  1. Be careful walking from carpet to all hard surfaces. Floors can be very slippery.
  2. Keep pets and children off carpet for at least 6 hours if possible.
  3. Remove blocks and tabs 24 hours after carpet is cleaned.
  4. Vacuum carpet anytime after the first 24 hours.


Vacuuming on a regular basis

Vacuum your carpet often. Once or twice a week at least. Vacuuming removes the abrasive soil that can cut and slice the fiber causing premature wear. Much of this soil is not visible to the eye. Vacuum before the carpet looks soiled. Remove any loose particles such as food, leaves, pieces of crayon, etc.


Professional Cleaning

As a general rule, carpet cleaning by a professional, should take place about once per year. For extremely heavy traffic areas, cleaning may be required more often. Proper, professional cleaning will not leave a sticky residue behind and can be done as many times per year as needed. Many stain resist warranties require professional cleaning every year. Professional cleaning removes the damaging soil in traffic areas that vacuuming has not been able to remove.


Warranty notes

Stain resist warranties can vary from 5 to 25 years. All stain resist warranties require regular cleaning and immediate spot removal. Most manufacturers require professional cleaning every 12 – 18 months.


Spotting Guide

Immediate spot removal is key to a clean carpet. Great care also must be taken in how spot cleaning is performed. When a carpet is new, or has sufficient protector on it, plain tap water will remove many spots. However, for those spots that will not come out with water, you must use a spot cleaner. Select a spot cleaner that is recommended by the carpet manufacturer or your trained, certified professional cleaner. Most spot removers that are purchased over the counter leave too much soap residue and can cause yellowing. Avoid using foam carpet cleaners or any product that is not made specifically for carpet.  Apply spot cleaner sparingly to white cloth and gently massage spot causing it to transfer to the cloth. Never pour spot cleaner directly on carpet. If the product that you are using seems to cause the spot to re-soil over a few weeks, discontinue use. For any spot that you are not able to remove, such as pet urine or feces, call us immediately.


Spot Cleaningpaint stains

Helpful spotting tips

  1. When a spot or stain occurs,  act quickly! The longer a spot or stain remains in the carpet, the harder it is to get out.
  2. Use clean white cloth towels and blot stain to absorb as much liquid or scrape up as much solid material as you can.
  3. Apply a small amount of the appropriate “spot remover” to the towel.
  4. Always work toward the center of the spot when cleaning.
  5. If stain is difficult, apply a small amount of spotter directly to the stain and lightly scrub with the towel.
    Repeat steps, if necessary, and always blot between steps with a clean white towel.
  6. NEVER USE BLEACH, or bathroom type cleaners that may contain bleach. If you have any doubts or an extremely difficult stain, call us at 877-216-5509 for professional service!

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Pure Carpet Care technicians are fully trained to perform cleaning services in accordance with IICRC set standards, and are able to work efficiently to get the job done right the first time. A countless number of households and businesses in New Jersey have used our services to handle the most difficult of cleaning jobs.

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