Carpet Cleaning by PURE Carpet Care is the local leader in Carpet Cleaning Restoration Services in New Jersey. We provide the very best carpet cleaning service to residential and commercial companies no matter how big or small the job. PURE Carpet Care strives to provide its cleaning services in the most timely manner and with 100% customer satisfaction. PURE Carpet Care of New Jersey is recognized for its hassle-free pricing that is straightforward, affordable and without hidden costs. PURE offers convenient, on-time carpet cleaning appointments that meet your cleaning needs. PURE Carpet Care understands your Carpets are a major purchase that you want to protect. That’s why PURE uses the very best carpet cleaning products and equipment available to us in today’s cleaning market. PURE Carpet Care is not a franchise or chain but a local carpet cleaning company that cares about its customers cleaning results.

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Our Carpet Cleaning Service includes: (1-4)

Pre-Carpet Cleaning inspection of all area(s)
Pre-Spray and Agitate
Post-Groom Carpet
Post Carpet Cleaning Inspection
* Recommended *  ALWAYS have us re-apply carpet protector when you have your carpet steam cleaned.
Before PURE cleans your carpet...
• Please remove breakables and items from tables and other furniture that might tip over.
• Remove all small items such as boxes, magazines, shoes, bags etc. in the areas to be cleaned.
• If possible, arrange for pets and children to be away from the area where we are cleaning.
After PURE has cleaned your carpet…
• Be careful walking from carpet to hard surfaces. Floors can be slippery.
• Keep pets and children off carpet for at least 4 hours.
• Remove blocks and tabs 24 hours after carpet is cleaned
• Vacuum carpet anytime after the first 24 hours.


Professional Carpet Cleaning in New Jersey you can trust! 

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PURE Carpet Care is a locally owned professional carpet cleaning company...NOT A FRANCHISE!

Who We Are:

Pure Carpet Care technicians are fully trained to perform cleaning services in accordance with IICRC set standards, and are able to work efficiently to get the job done right the first time. A countless number of households and businesses in New Jersey have used our services to handle the most difficult of cleaning jobs.

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